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I visited Real Life Simpsons House in Nevada

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Did you know that real life Simpsons House actually exists?

Real Life Simpsons House

in July 1997, Fox had an amazing marketing idea: To build a full-sized, real life version of the Simpson super cute house and then give it away to one lucky viewer in a giveaway contest. The house was even painted in the same bright colors.

Sadly, the winner of the giveaway decided to take $75k instead of a house and with no one to live in, it was sold and repainted.

Real Life Simpsons House
Real Life Simpsons House

I was recently in Las Vegas and I remembered hearing about it years ago, so I decided to drive by. It was kind of heard to find as at first glance, it looks like a regular suburban home, but if you look closer, you will see the front door with its irregular arched top and the slightly popped out bricks on the chimney. Even the chimney is just for show since a fireplace is the last thing you need in Nevada.

I filmed my visit and you can check it out here:

Location of the house (this is a private property so please be respectful):

712 Red Bark Lane

Henderson, Nevada

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Dec 12, 2023

Ты потрясающая! Прекрасная фигура, причёска, умный взгляд всё тебе подходит Оставайся такой на долгие годы.

You are awesome! A wonderful figure, hairstyle, smart look - everything suits you. Stay like this for many years.

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