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Haunted California: Ghosts of the Olivas Adobe

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Recently, when I was roaming around the city in my leisure time, I came across Olivas Adobe, an old house and historic site in Ventura. I had already heard so many haunted stories and legends about the house, so I decided to check out myself.

I had it in my mind, if I encounter any ghost by chance, I shouldn’t be shocked or horrified. After all, that’s what I was seeking for. Visitors and even official staff encountered ghosts and phantoms, everyone felt the existence of super natural power residing in the house. Some visitors even captured shadowy ghosts in their cameras. Hence, I decided to go inside with my camera.

The entrance of the house reminds me the era of late nineteenth century by its built structure. The inside of the house is more shocking. If you have no strong heart, I advise you not to go there alone. However, I believe, such ghosts would only appear when the area is not so crowded. That’s why I picked a time when I can wander alone inside the house.

This house isn’t an ordinary old house. It was built in 1837 by a Spanish family, Olivas. The head of the family at that time was Raymundo Olivas who was bestowed 4,670 acres of land by Mexican Government. Later, he started ranching his land. Meanwhile, he built this house, which was famous throughout 19th century for its great hospitality.

Unfortunately, the fortune of Olivas family died when Raymundo Olivas passed away in 1879. Olivas family sold this house in 1899 and the last family member who resided here was the youngest daughter of Raymundo, Rebecca Olivas.

People gossip about the tragedies Olivas had to face after the death of Raymundo. It’s said that the ghosts of Olivas family and their servants still wander the house. One of the most seen ghosts is lady servant, who was brutally murdered by a guest.

Olivas family was known for their hospitality. They welcomed everyone who wanted to join their table. But, sometimes people are not good. One day they hosted a very strange guest. He desired for their lady servant, who was Native American and lured her into storeroom with him. Later, he tortured her till death, cut out her eyes and strangled her. When Olivas family came to know this tragedy, they angered and intended to avenge their servant. Consequently, an Olivas son led a hunting party and eventually caught the murderer and brutally stabbed him to death.

But this is not the only ghost that has been seen in the house. People also believe that the ghost of Raymundo’s wife, Señora Teodoro also wanders the site along with her staff members to protect the Olivas property. So, if you have any bad intentions while visiting this place, I advise drop it immediately, or else the ghost of Señora Teodoro will haunt and compel you to leave the house.

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