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Eldora, Florida: Unveiling the Secrets of a Forgotten Ghost Town

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Florida, known for its pristine beaches, sunny weather, and vibrant cities, hides a secret along its eastern coast - the ghost city of Eldora. Nestled within the Canaveral National Seashore, Florida ghost town Eldora is a place shrouded in mystery and forgotten by time. In this blog, we'll delve into the unknown facts and mysteries surrounding this ghostly town that has captured the imagination of many.

eldora state house
Eldora State House

1. Eldora's Beginnings

Eldora was once a thriving community, founded in the late 19th century. It emerged as a hub for fishermen and hunters, primarily due to its strategic location along the Mosquito Lagoon. The town's economy flourished as its residents engaged in fishing, citrus farming, and the timber industry. Eldora was a tight-knit community with its own school, post office, and church.

eldora village
Eldora. Village

2. Isolation and Abandonment

The first mystery surrounding Eldora is the town's sudden decline and abandonment. While it thrived in its heyday, Eldora's isolation made it vulnerable to natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding. As time passed, the combination of environmental challenges and economic shifts led to its gradual decline. By the mid-20th century, Eldora was virtually deserted, leaving only ruins as a testament to its past.

3. Hidden Treasures of Eldora

Eldora's desolation didn't deter treasure hunters and curious adventurers. Rumors have circulated for decades about hidden treasures buried beneath the town's ruins. Some believe that pirates or early settlers may have buried valuable loot in the area. Despite numerous attempts, no significant treasure has been found, adding an element of intrigue to Eldora's history. Many treasure hunters still venture into the area, hoping to strike it rich.

florida ghost town

4. The Mysterious Well

One of Eldora's most enigmatic features is the "Mystery Well." Located near the Eldora House, this well is said to have been constructed with a depth that far exceeds the water table of the region. The purpose of this well remains a mystery, as it seems impractical for everyday use. Some speculate that it might have had a hidden purpose, such as storing valuable items or acting as a secret passage. The well's unusual depth continues to perplex researchers and visitors alike.

florida ghost town

5. The Haunting of Eldora

As with any ghost town, tales of hauntings and supernatural occurrences abound in Eldora. Visitors and paranormal enthusiasts have reported strange sounds, eerie apparitions, and inexplicable phenomena. While these stories add to the mystique of the town, there's no concrete evidence to confirm or debunk these claims. However, the eerie ambiance and the isolation of Eldora certainly contribute to the spooky atmosphere, making it a magnet for ghost hunters and curious visitors alike.

florida ghost town

6. Preservation Efforts

In recent years, efforts have been made to preserve the remaining structures of Eldora. The Eldora State House and the Eldora Schoolhouse are among the few buildings that still stand. These preservation efforts aim to keep the memory of Eldora alive and to protect the historical significance of the town. They also offer a glimpse into the past, allowing visitors to step back in time and imagine what life was like in this once-thriving community. The restoration work is ongoing, with volunteers and historians committed to preserving Eldora's legacy.

7. The Natural Beauty of Eldora

Beyond its mysterious past and eerie legends, Eldora offers stunning natural beauty. The Canaveral National Seashore, where Eldora is located, boasts pristine beaches, salt marshes, and diverse wildlife. Visitors can explore the area's natural wonders, go birdwatching, or take a kayak trip along the lagoon. Eldora's remote location within this protected area adds to its allure, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts as well.

florida ghost town


Eldora, the ghost city of Florida, continues to fascinate and intrigue those who venture into its forgotten streets. Its enigmatic past, unexplained mysteries, and eerie stories make it a unique and hauntingly beautiful destination for history buffs, treasure hunters, paranormal enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. Whether you visit to explore its mysteries, appreciate its natural beauty, or simply soak in its eerie ambiance, Eldora is a reminder that even in the midst of modernity, the past can still cast long shadows over the present. Its history, abandonment, hidden treasures, mysterious well, haunting legends, and ongoing preservation efforts all contribute to the allure of this ghostly town, ensuring that Eldora's secrets remain locked in time for generations to come.

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In 1965 or 66, I was taking a graduate class in Daytona taught by a traveling UF professor. For our last night of class we had a party at a beer and oyster place in El Dora. I don't remember much there except the building we ate in and maybe the home of the owners. There was a man and woman, when we arrived he was out collecting the oysters. When he got back he put wet burlap bags on a car hood, built a fire under it and put wet burlap bags over the oysters while we drank beer. The curtains of the place were made of pull tabs from the beer cans. I was carpooling with a female…


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