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Casa Santo Domingo: My Monastery Escape in Antigua

Hello my fellow world travelers! I just got back from the most amazing trip to Antigua Guatemala, Imagine sleeping in a place that was once a monastery - yes, a real-life 16th-century monastery! It was like stepping straight into a history book, but with all the modern luxuries you could dream of. Let me take you through this cool journey where history meets luxury in the most unexpected way.

Casa Santo Domingo Antigua Guatemala outside
Casa Santo Domingo

Discovering the Enchantment of Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala

Nestled in the heart of the UNESCO-listed city of La Antigua Guatemala lies Casa Santo Domingo, a place where the echoes of the past blend seamlessly with the comforts of the present. This isn't just any hotel; it's an immersive experience into the heart of Guatemalan heritage, a journey back in time, and a luxurious retreat that speaks to the soul. So buckle up, as we embark on this enchanting adventure through the hallowed halls of what was once one of the largest monasteries in America, now a breathtaking hotel that marries the past with present-day luxury.

around casa santo domingo antigua guatemala

A Glimpse into History: The Legacy of Casa Santo Domingo

the best hotel in antigua guatemala

The legacy of Casa Santo Domingo begins in the XVII century, as a grand convent that stood proudly among the largest in America. However, the 1773 Santa Marta earthquake left it almost completely in ruins. Fast forward to 1989, and a visionary project aimed at rescuing these ruins gave birth to the Hotel Museum Spa Casa Santo Domingo. This ambitious initiative was not merely about creating a luxurious place to stay but about resurrecting a piece of Guatemalan history, allowing guests to sleep within walls that have withstood the test of time.

A Cultural Journey: The Museums and Crypts of Casa Santo Domingo

Beyond its luxurious accommodations, Casa Santo Domingo is a treasure trove of culture and history. The hotel encompasses an archaeological zone featuring the ruins of the monastery church, a cloister with a replica of the original fountain, artisan workshops, and two mysterious underground crypts discovered during excavations. The Calvary Crypt, in particular, is home to a well-preserved mural of the Crucifixion from 1683, providing a hauntingly beautiful glimpse into the past.

The Museums of casa santo domingo

Adding to its cultural richness, the hotel houses six museums, each offering extraordinary collections in top-class exhibitions. What's more, admission to these museums is complimentary for guests of the hotel, allowing unlimited exploration of silverwork masterpieces in the Museo de la Platería, religious-themed art in the Museo Colonial, Maya Classic period artifacts in the Museo Arqueológico, and more, all within the convenience of their stay. This museum route, accessible from both the hotel and the Universidad de San Carlos extension on 1a Av Norte, is a cultural enthusiast's dream, seamlessly blending the past with the present.

casa santo domingo antigua

Luxurious Comfort Amidst Historical Grandeur

Staying at Casa Santo Domingo is an unparalleled experience. The hotel marries historical elegance with modern luxury in each of its rooms and suites. Handcrafted furniture, plush bedding, and spa-like bathrooms ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay, while the unique architectural features and artifacts remind you of the hotel's monastic past. Our suite also had a jacuzzi and a fireplace.

A Culinary Journey Through Time with a Personal Touch

Dining at Casa Santo Domingo offers more than just a taste of traditional Guatemalan cuisine with a contemporary twist; it includes a heartfelt personal touch that makes each meal unforgettable. The hotel's restaurants serve meals in settings that range from romantic courtyards to elegant dining halls, each providing a unique atmosphere that complements the exquisite flavors of the dishes. Adding to the dining experience, the staff asks every guest where they are originally from and brings a little flag of their home country to the table. The dining experience at Casa Santo Domingo took a surprising and delightful turn when the staff brought over a little flag to my table. But it wasn't just any flag—it was the Croatian flag, signaling a nod to my roots, where I'm originally from. You can only imagine the size of my smile at that moment! It felt like a piece of home had magically found its way to me in the heart of Antigua, Guatemala.

Dinner at El Refectorio Casa santo domingo antigua
Dinner at El Refectorio

Unwind in Historical Splendor

For relaxation, the spa at Casa Santo Domingo offers treatments inspired by ancient Mayan rituals, providing a perfect escape from modern life's hustle and bustle. The tranquil surroundings, combined with soothing treatments, offer a serene retreat. The lush gardens and serene outdoor pool further enhance the peaceful atmosphere, offering guests an oasis of calm.

the pool at casa santo domingo antigua
The Pool

The Heart of Antigua's Charm

Located in the heart of Antigua, Casa Santo Domingo allows guests to easily explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city's cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and vibrant markets are just a short walk away, offering endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

The Bar at casa santo domingo antigua guatemala
The Bar

Wrapping Up My Magical Stay at Casa Santo Domingo

And just like that, my incredible journey through the echoes of history and splashes of luxury at Casa Santo Domingo comes to a close. But, trust me, this isn’t just a farewell to a hotel; it’s a see-you-later to a place that has etched its story deep into my heart. Between sleeping in the remnants of a 16th-century monastery, dining under the banner of my home flag, and wandering through museums that whisper tales of ages past, I’ve lived moments that feel straight out of a dream.

This experience has been a beautiful reminder of how travel can connect us to the essence of a place, its history, and its people, wrapping us in a sense of belonging that transcends borders. Casa Santo Domingo isn’t just a stop along the way; it’s a destination that embodies the soul of Antigua Guatemala, inviting us to step into the narrative of its past and carry a piece of its story with us.

the best hotel in antigua guatemala

Next Stop after Casa Santo Domingo: The Heart of Antigua, Guatemala

But don’t think the adventure ends here in ! Oh no, lovely readers, we’re just getting started. In my next blog, we’ll take to the cobblestone streets of Antigua, Guatemala, exploring the vibrant heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site. From its colorful markets to its breathtaking volcanic backdrop, Antigua is a city that promises wonders at every turn, and I can’t wait to share every discovery with you.

So, keep your wanderlust sparked and your curiosity ready, because we’re about to dive even deeper into the beauty of Guatemala. Stay tuned, and let’s keep exploring this beautiful world together, one story at a time. Until then, keep dreaming of distant lands and magical places that await your footprints. See you soon in the enchanting streets of Antigua!

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casa santo domingo antigua guatemala

casa santo domingo guatemala

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